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Explain your child everything about potential dangerous behind garage door riding

02/23/2014 Back To Blog

Our children are constant source of surprises and one thing that we should definitely never do is underestimate the power of the children imagination. Since children are great optimists but lousy realists it is always advisable to approach your child with lots of understanding and try to talk your way through this little journey called growing up. Quite often due to various different reasons grownups tend to settle certain issues with simple “no’s” and “off limits” statements and answers achieving nothing but contra - effect. If you approach your child with lots of boundaries but do not bother to provide him with the explanations then it is quite understandable that the child will try to figure it out on his own.Explain your child everything about potential dangerous behind garage door riding

Garage door perils

Now having said this we would like to draw your attention to your garage door and the safety talk you should definitely have with your children. If your children are very small then you are definitely the one that needs to take your eye on them at all the times. You definitely should never hang for long around your garage and garage door area because it is unnecessary and it is also setting a bad example. If your children are in that age when they fully comprehend everything and when they play around without your supervision then you should definitely make sure your children fully understand how garage door and garage door parts can be extremely dangerous. You should warn them about avoiding standing beneath the garage door since if the same happen to fall down for some reason they might kill them. You should tell them to avoid hanging around garage door in general since even clumsy brushing against them may lead to severe injuries. Garage doors with external handles can be extremely dangerous if the child is standing too close to the door since they can pull him up. Make sure to warn your child about these and many other hazards behind the garage door.

Get professional to communicate instead of you

If you feel like your children will not listen to you then call your reliable garage door contractor and ask him to explain all these risks to your children. It is quite possible if they hear it from professional garage door service provider it will make bigger impact on them.

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