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Do you have doubts about the way you take care of your garage door? Follow this page and get smart answers to your questions

Which is the better brand? Liftmaster or Genie?

The truth is that both brand names are very popular. They are both known for their great garage door opener and access control systems and they both use rolling code technologies. They both develop fast and introduce new products, so apart from the fact that they are two different brands, you can trust both.

How should I reset my electric garage door opener?

First switch off the power and unplug the opener. Turn on the power after 10 seconds. Push the down arrow button till the door is closed completely. Now press the 'set' button. Now press the arrow up button and wait till the garage door is at least 7 inches above the opener. Now press the 'set' button again.

How do I lubricate my garage door?

According to our specialists, household or industrial lubricants are easily available in the stores. They usually come in spray cans or tubes. Make sure, however, that they can be used on garage doors, or at least machines found at home. Using regular oil, for example, may not be as effective.

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