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The Importance of Garage Door Opener Sensors

02/23/2014 Back To Blog

Before the 1990s, many accidents have been reported all over South Western related to garage doors that operated “in blind” since they could not recognize human presence or other obstacles underneath them. Today, all garage door openers embody sensors that communicate with each other and when they sense the presence of an obstruction they don’t let the door close.The Importance of Garage Door Opener Sensors

How Do the Sensors Work?

The functionality of sensors is rather simple. They are placed low up the ground on the two opposite sides of the garage door and they must be installed in a way that they can face each other. If anything interrupts this direct communication, it would be considered an obstacle and the movement of the door will be reversed or stopped.

What are the most common sensor problems?

  • Sometimes, excessive dust and dirt can block the good communication of the sensors. If you clean them well, you will solve the problem.
  • You must regularly check the wires that end up in the sensors and ensure their good condition. If they are worn, they will prevent the communication with the garage door opener.
  • An accident may have moved a sensor from its original position and it must be brought back in place.
  • Most sensors today have lights on them that warn for possible damages. You can read more in the manufacturer’s manual about openers.
  • Even if they work fine, you must check the effectiveness of their work by placing an obstacle underneath the closing door to check if the movement will be stopped or not.
  • If you do all the above, but still the sensors don’t work properly, you must call an emergency garage door company in Canby for garage door sensors replacement.
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